Hospital Management System

Developed in Python

The Client

The client is an Adult Cardiology and Heart Surgery Hospital located in Ohio.


Main business goal:

Client needs an application to manage the Geospatial Analysis system that would facilitate efficient home healthcare.

The project had its main focus on the following:
• At-home monitoring and diagnostics
• Mobile accessible medical records
• Smart wellness and disease management
• Remote health monitoring
• Video conferencing for virtual appointments

Solutions Provided

Windows Application

1. Considering the vast patient network with specific needs, Geospatial Analysis system that could be tapped into the patient’s wearables.
The system includes the following main features:
• Real-time doctor-patient collaboration
• Real-time safe access and update of medical records
• Ensured privacy of sensitive patient data
• Seamless sharing of patient’s information with the medical team

2. Analysis application that improved their process in the following ways,
• Elimination of traditional expensive treatment options
• Close monitoring made possible while patient rests at home
• Connecting doctors and patients 24/7
• Enhanced security
• Optimized productivity


Developed in Python.

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