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Shopify Vs Magento Vs WooCommerce- Which is best for eCommerce store

Ecommerce solutions are categorically the backbone of many businesses today. An online eCommerce store for product marketing and sales is considered the best way to earn business advantages. The value of retail and eCommerce platforms has soared vastly in the current pandemic situation. If you are also willing to launch an eCommerce store, the most

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Successfully Execute Cloud Migration Strategy and Increase your Business Continuity Now!

Most IT professionals favor adopting cloud based services for business profits and outgrowth. This trend has accelerated enormously in the last one year owing to rapid REMOTE WORKING decisions and innocent acceptance of innovations. Cloud Connection and why Covid19 has emerged or accelerated business to this cloud migration? The pandemic era has definitely hampered personal

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Why You Should Outsource Your IT Infrastructure Management and Operations?

Remote Infrastructure Management: Why You Should Outsource Your IT Infrastructure in this Pandemic! Ongoing pandemic has a distribution effect on almost all business sectors. IT or Technology Sector is suffering massively dealing with the slow growth rate and a peculiar estimated overall loss of about USD 1 trillion globally. The loss is also shared in

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Outsourcing eCommerce Development for your eCommerce Business

In the last decade, eCommerce has grown a lot, and it has taken a hike in the world economy. From Amazon, eBay, to Alibaba, and many larger online retailers as well as small local market players have seen a huge change in their turnovers and incomes. According to the Mordor Intelligence market report, the digital

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Continuous Testing in DevOps- A successful strategy for DevOps in your applications

The need for technology in business operations has drastically changed over the last five years. But as businesses move toward cloud computing and digital transformation, they are practicing DevOps to deal with Rapid Application Development (RAD). As a result, the agile software development approach has taken precedence over the traditional waterfall method for the SDLC

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Why Businesses Should Prefer Migration of Magento 1 to Magento 2

We are not here to worry you….but if your online ecommerce platform is still running on Magento 1, you are at a high risk of using a software platform that is dated and not supported by Magento Representatives themselves. If you are on this page, it must be because your Magento eCommerce platform is facing

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How DevOps Help Grow Your Business, Reduce Cost, and Simplify Operations

How DevOps Help Grow Your Business, Reduce Cost, and Simplify Operations If your organization is not using DevOps management tools, here are three prime reasons why you should – Its business process automation services increase efficiency It offers agile, flexible business process management solutions that reduce redundancy and It helps decrease costs, most definitely. Well,

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Foolproof Cloud Optimization Checklist For Your E-commerce Business

Optimize your cloud investments with this detailed checklist for every E-com cloud consumer. Cloud Features Cloud packages come with additional features and it is in your hands to make the best out of these features. Choose managed database services to improve your App performance, reduce the time of your IT staff and the cost of

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How We Grew Our E-Com Client’s Online Sales By 30% In 60 Days

E-Com businesses these days face the need to line up a humungous array of products that are ironically short-lived across multiple channels. They need to be constantly updated to ensure quick deployment in the market for the end customers to enable them to make data-driven buying decisions. This Omni-connected world makes it easy for customers

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Artificial Intelligence Reignites Healthcare Engine

Artificial Intelligence Reignites Healthcare Engine Modernized Healthcare finds a new dimension of growth with the launch of AI-based applications that allow machines to perform tasks like sensing, understanding, acting, and learning. Thus AI-enhanced machines are empowered to carry out administrative and clinical healthcare functions accurately. Legacy tools and technologies contain nothing but just algorithms or

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