Product Transformation

Our full service approach enables us to be an extension of your team, bringing the ideas and solutions that will help you succeed. We help our clients to address specialized business needs including enhancing features, creating user tools to accelerate manual tasks or leveraging our expertise in product development. We can support your applications at the level you require, whether it’s Full cycle development, ongoing development and maintenance, enhancements or upgrades, product testing or support.

Cloud Enabling

Cloud computing and The Internet of Things (IoT) is the big IT move that everyone is talking about. We can help you plan and design your system for the cloud (public, private, or hybrid), as well as adapt your configuration management practices and release process for seamless extension into the cloud. We utilize a wide range of cloud computing platforms, such as Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help  leverage the power of public, private and hybrid cloud technologies.


Harness rapidly-changing mobile technology to achieve business goals and productivity. Mobile device technologies, features and functionality are constantly changing. We know how to propel business purposes through mobile capabilities. We can help you take advantage of this rapid change without encumbering your business. We apply the wealth of tools to enrich native and cross-platform performance integrated with a plan that maximizes their unique features and harness rapidly-changing mobile technology to achieve business goals and productivity.

Agile Transformation

We provide the most cost-effective, quick and continuous delivery of high-quality deliverables based on the priorities of our clients. Agile Project Delivery allows your business to move quickly from decision-making to action and innovation. Agile is an iterative process that focuses on customer value and allows teams to adapt quickly rather than following a plan driven approach. Our agile framework is a hybrid model based on best practices from Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and RUP, tailored for each of our clients to align with their requirements and environment.


We use DevOps to meet our customer’s project vision, objectives and priorities through rapid iterative application development and deployment. Our DevOps services integrate Operations, Development and QA in the deployment and management of mobile and web applications. Our capability and desire to automate processes while setting up a culture of shared ownership and collaborative development is the basis of our DevOps offering.


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