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Learn a lot about the in-news Angular 12 framework as the prime backbone of the desktop and android app development services (front-end development) with Angular features explanations, comparison with the previous version, its scope in the market, and more.

Angular 12 in 2021

Angular version 12 is the major release by Angular Community on the 12th of May, 2021 as it releases a product every six months. If we talk about the history of the Angular web framework, which is Google’s TypeScript or JavaScript-based, open-source framework and a component of the MEAN stack. The Angular latest version is simpler in utilization and can transit the Angular ecosystem into the Ivy compiler. It got updated documentation including user guides, error guides, videos, etc. for a better learning experience for developers. It holds 73, 000 stars on Github and is managed by the Angular Team at Google along with a host of Angular community organizations/members.

Exclusive features in Angular 12

Here, in this section, our focus is upon the latest Angular 12 features which hold many reasons for developers to update Angular version to latest.

Ivy everywhere – sorted transitions

With the depreciation or almost obsolete View Engine feature for future releases of Angular, there is an option for transition to Ivy applications for existing libraries managed by View Engines earlier. Ivy everywhere or the combination of the Angular ecosystem with Ivy applications is the prime desire of developers involved in Angular app development.

Have a better learning experience

One of the crucial features of Angular 12 is the improved or upgraded documentation offering a better learning experience for designers and developers. The or Contributors guide is updated as this guide is helpful for developers in improving their project documentations. A new edition of the content projection guide and debugs, guides, and videos is released for more improvements.

Utilize Nullish Coalescing

Now, Angular 12 templates have integrated nullish coalescing factor which lets developers or coders write out cleaner codes (in conditionals) for Angular application. This operation is very useful in simplifying the conditional statements used in coding for applications. An example of simplification is as below.

Without operator:

{{age !== null && age !== undefined ? age : calculateAge() }}

With nullish operator:

{{ age ?? calculateAge() }}

Say Goodbye to IE11

IE11 version support is eliminated in the new version of Angular 12 and it can be confirmed with the deprecation message which appears in the Angular 12 update for IE11. It is to be informed to all developers and designers that with the launch of the next or Angular 13 version, the support to IE11 will end completely.

Styling is far too better now

Angular 12 supports inline SAAS in component decorator’s style fields without adding inlineStyleLanguage option to the Jason file, tailwind CSS, etc. Update your node SASS package for Angular CDK and Angular Material to the SAAS npm package as the former supports the latter now. Any web app that is updated to Angular 12 will get automatically switched to the latest SAAS API.

Stronger with extensive supports

Angular 12 framework now shows compatibility with webpack 5.37 which is a production-ready experimental project and helps in the betterment of long-term caching, form execution, web stage, bundle size via improved code generation.

Limitations with Protactor

The Angular team and the community have yet to decide the fate of the Protactor with the ongoing investigation of the shared input. It will not be used in fresh tasks and its alternatives such as Cypress, TestCafe, and WebdriverIO for helping any Angular development company in elective arrangements or Angular CLI.

Legacy i18 Message IDs switched to new ones

It is one of the important features of Angular 12, though channelized with the Angular 11 version, it’s useful in fixing issues in white spacing, templates formatting, ICU expressions, etc. So, moving to new IDs from legacy i18 message IDs is intelligent as it reduces invalidations from incorrect translations that do not match white spaces at all.

Improvements in ng API

The ng troubleshooting API with executed functionalities such as getDirectiveMetadata to recover information about parts and directives and esetProfiler to follow layout creation lengths, lifecycle hooks preparing, and format updates for primary review of utilizations. The ng API offers information upon applications working at runtime also.

Angular Dev Tools (for Google Chrome) is accessible now

It is true that the Angular team has now proved the accessibility of Angular Dev Tools for Google Chrome. Earlier Angular Community included semi-official Dev Tools, not supported with Ivy. This one of the best Angular features or facilities is quite useful as the profiler is able to view as well as record the updated recognition events used for checking detection cycle and parts with the most significant time utilization.

Bringing a comparison together! Angular 12 and 11

Let us know the difference between Angular 12 and Angular 11 through a comparison chart based on varied aspects, features, and operations.

Aspects Angular 12 Angular 11
Ivy Everywhere Supported extensively View Engine support
Package Support Webpack 5.37 Webpack 5
IE Support Deprecating to IE11 IE9, IE10, and IE mobile deprecation
Migration From legacy i18n message IDs To ESLint
Updates Component Tests harness, Operation Byelog
Roadmap To provide info about the Angular team priorities To deliver early feedbacks
Language Service Migration or update to default Ivy-based Language Service Language Service Preview is updated
Improvements Logging and reporting is improved, Enhanced Http Ngcc Compiler is updated
Strict mode Allows strict checks via flagging Deploys default strict mode
Typescript version Typescript 4.2 Typescript 4.0

By learning through Angular difference between versions adjacent to each other as explained in the above table, it would be easier to decide the update requirements for better Angular development.

What will be the next one in Angular 12?

Improvements in the latest version are still ongoing and there are more to explore and work for apart from the above-explained new features in Angular 12. Angular web development and Angular applications development are going to be smoother in the coming release with anticipated Angular new features and operations like – Simpler Angular Mental Model with optional NgModules, Capacity to add directives to host elements, improved developers’ build performance via ngc (tsc plug-in distribution), better Test time, enhanced developer ergonomics, component-level Code Splitting APIs and more. So, get ready to experience a whole lot of new aspects when you create Angular project in the future.

Start upgrading to Angular 12 now!

Coming so far in the article, the tendency towards an upgrade to Angular 12 is the most likable among developers. The simple command to upgrade Angular 11 to Angular 12 is as under.

@angular/core@12 @angular/cli@12 

If you are still not sure about the upgrade requirement or need any consulting regarding Angular application development or other services, contact us immediately with your project details and requirements. We got the optimal consultation and development services at the renowned offshore software development company with a team of experienced professionals all over the world.


Angular 12 version has many advantages over the previous versions with a better learning experience for developers, advanced supports, Ivy everywhere, nullish coalescence operator, latest package and type-script versions and a lot of improvements in HTTP, styling which can be a real benefit for the developers looking for a smooth app development for desktop or mobile.