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Microsoft Software Stack is continuously progressive on enhancements to stand out in its competitive digital surroundings. It got all the resources like a set of applications, tools, coding languages, competitive environments, cloud-based apps, platforms like Microsoft 365, and every Microsoft technology needed by professional developers to design or build an end-to-end software solution. Microsoft developers working on .NET Full Stack technology or framework holds multiple advantages to work conveniently towards building web applications, mobile applications, and more with task managements via both front-ends and back-ends supports in any project.

But, why Microsoft Full Stack is still in consideration as there have been evolved many new possibilities to write a software application? Let us find out the best answer to this query in our next section.

Is it a feasible choice of preferring Microsoft Full Stack?

Microsoft is a big software giant but so are its biggest competitions in the market – Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. So, one must know why to go for Microsoft stack for their software development requirements. Here, are representing some cool reasons for developers behind considering the Microsoft Full Stack for application development purposes.

Simple testing criteria

Microsoft Full Stack got the easiest testing on applications with dependency injectionintegrated into the ASP.NET latest framework version. It helps in separating implementations from the interface useful for quick testing. Also, many Microsoft SQL Server tools include ready-made templates to test the stored procedure layer. So, Microsoft Full Stack is designed well keeping in mind the testing conveniences.

.NET framework is powerful

.NET framework is a feature-rich, powerful development system and is in use by many big enterprises due to its highly efficient .NET managed codes; consistent and smartly documents .NET API. The latest .NET Core is in huge demand with its support to non-Windows systems and more other exciting features.

Wide-range support system

Microsoft products hold a wide-ranged online ecosystem at the global level. There is a high range of support options, diverse community forums, community-based support ecosystems, quality online content, highly impressive online videos, blogs, guides, articles, etc., and a lot facilitated by Microsoft stack. Apart from this, it got high favoritism for its products irrespective of its trend in the market. For example – Microsoft Silverlight, the base for a front-end application introduced years back is no longer in demand but still backed byMicrosoft.

Strength of SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server integrates well with the Microsoft stack and so is highly differentiated from other storage systems. It excels at keeping arranged records of transactions, backups, replications, integrity, etc. With the Entity framework, rapid full-stack software development is facilitated owing to streamlined data access. SQL Server still ranks high in demand for the RDBMS for applications given that it can be extracted for more by integrations with .NET Core.

Web API & Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Microsoft-released Web API is made simpler, behavioral, and easy-to-use framework for HTTP or web services. With WCF, it comes various configuration options and options to customize data, log, intercept, or routing messages, and more. Both Microsoft technologies are advanced, covers wide-range service scenarios, and are included in the .NET framework already.

Enhanced Microsoft ASP.NET

ASP.NET had evolved efficiently and in the current scenario, is considered as the top MVC-based framework for ASP.NET development which is modified for better and now includes a robust infrastructure, flexibility in control, improved authentications, bundling, routing, etc. for smart integrations with Bootstrap, AngularJs, and more which are non-Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Visual Studio – One Stop Solution

Within the Microsoft Visual Studio umbrella, the most popular and efficient piece of the Microsoft software stack, it has become very convenient for any full-stack web development or app development. Visual Studio offers a familiar developer experience, consistent UI, and all other facilities for hosting IDEs, database developments, writing mobile apps, etc. Along with this, the Microsoft Azure platform is also signified for varied database hosting and mobile services in the .NET full-stack development.

Why is it so important to focus on the backend and frontend?

The frontend development includes managing websites or applications for its appearances and interactions for specific tasks while the backend development includes controlling app functionality with certain programs and detailing conditions on the server and the database.

Both are integral parts of an application in development along with API, the programming user interface allowing two applications to interact with each other, Database, a collection of organized, stored information accessible from the system electronically, and UI/UX, the end design for interface and user experiences. Front-end development and backend development are parts of a full-stack development and need to be focused equally to smoothly operate both client-side and server-side applications.

Microsoft .NET manages to bring out the best applications as per customer requirements with its free availability, large community, code access security, high scalability for adjusting business requirements, high project portability, adaptability to different languages, extensive libraries, etc. It has extended its role in developing products and services related to different industrial sectors such as manufacturing, gaming, government, Internet of Things, finance, accounting, etc.

Why Choosing ASP .Net Is a Smart Choice?

Microsoft .NET is still flourishing well in the present software development industry and is the area of interest for many developers. There are many reasons behind the successful involvement of the .NET framework in the development of business applications till today.

  • Extensive Knowledge Base – .NET framework Knowledge Base or online articles available on StackOverflow, MSDN, forums, and blogs are quite huge and thus attract a lot of customers who find sincerity in this online quality content.
  • Introduction of robust ASP.NET Core – With smart integrations like Dependency Injection in the framework itself and more flexibility in operations, the latest version, i.e. ASP.NET Core is one of the biggest reasons behind the amazing sustainability of .NET technology.
  • Efficient .NET API–Due to consistent, well-documented .NET API, it brings millions of customers for effective developments.
  • MVC-based framework – .NET has evolved superficially and now includes a robust infrastructure for different tasks, support, and integrations to non-Microsoft technologies leading to Angular development, Bootstrap development, and more.
  • Open-source framework – Being an open-source framework for so many years, the source is easily available on GitHub and the latest version also supports non-Windows platforms which is another remarkable feature.
  • Microsoft credibility – .NET is backed by the standard software organization, Microsoft which never leaves support to its products and integrates an elaborated support ecosystem. The Microsoft power platform – SQL Server along with the inbuilt cloud application manages database and development effectively.

Microsoft Full Stack- Best choice and worth your penny!

Considering all the previously stated facts and features of the Microsoft Full Stack for software development – front-end and back-end web development, front-end and back-end technologies, tools, etc. handled and managed by Full Stack developers, it can be inferred a long and secure journey for the .NET technology as the evolution is still going on with latest improvements and additions.

Microsoft Full Stack wide-range Knowledge Base is highly prominent in going through the advancements and new inclusions. It is the best choice for developers and cost-effective with more transparency and inclusiveness in the current date.

Every business focuses on the highly effective technology stack for an app or web development, and to facilitate them with correct business consultations and software services, G2 TechSoft contributions are always on point. To hire an expert Full Stack developer for your business requirements, feel free to directly contact here.

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