Are you a Mobile App development firm? Wondering what could be the next big move in the app industry this year?
Top 3 Mobile App Trends in 2018

2018 is destined to be yet another exciting year with unending possibilities for the App development industry. Smart Phone Apps are being launched in various avatars based on the expectations of the average digital consumer. It would rather be more appropriate to say that digital disruption reinvents consumer expectations. Various factors drive this disruption such as “always connected” mode, pervasive social media, and rise of voice recognition, AI, and interactive user experiences across the customer life cycle and across all channels. This year has its major focus on three trends that consumers across the world expect to experience.

Smart Home, Voice-Controlled Speakers

Utilizing automation to improve your home has got more advanced with the bloom of Smart home, voice-controlled speakers. The world of voice-controlled smart speakers keeps growing and 2018 is expected to have better voice-activated smart home assistants to run your home. Amazon Echo and Google Home have already gone mainstream and another advanced Home Pod smart speaker from Apple is expected to be the next trend this year.

By 2018, the mobile industry would be bombarded with smart home apps. A voice-activated app could set any business on the right track to achieve their growing niche.
If your app development business requires you to answer questions like “send me …” “get me …” or “order me …,” you will have to consider implementing a voice-activated element or service on your mobile app.

Augmented Reality

2018 will be the year of mass implementation of Augmented Reality – a natural extension of traditional usability. From Military to Home Improvement, AR takes center stage in every industry. Digital customers expect to try products instantly before they could make a purchase and AR definitely serves the purpose to save the end user time and money. Industry predictions estimate the AR market could reach around $120 billion in revenue by 2020.

Technologies like the Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore accelerate the rate at which AR apps are developed and launched.
If you are trying to use augmented reality in your business, ask if your audience need AR functionality and if it would improve usability.