Discover the release of Next-GEN UiPath automation cloud

Discover the release of Next-GEN UiPath automation cloud

All the enterprises all over the world started operating as digital businesses. If they not equipped with the right digital solutions, they are immediately out of business. UiPath platform is the one-stop solution for all the enterprises’ automation needs. The software developers and product owners prefer UiPath as a serious automation tool. As the enterprises started understanding the capabilities of automation, as its need is essential to growth effectively triggered the UiPath 2022.4 platform release as Automation Cloud Robot with Strong and new capabilities to achieve the results quickly and with precise results.

UiPath 2022.4 has the new SaaS robots that simplify the work for the developers to create automation, enhanced security, and accurate executions and expand access to all the automation needs. As Ted Kummert, Executive vice president said. Many customers are shifting to the Cloud and expect all innovations. So, the Automation cloud robots bring enterprises the advantage by scaling their automation programs. Since the automation is made efficient, developers and automation professionals increase as they provide quality results to the enterprise level.

Declaring the UiPath Automation Cloud package has to offer

Using the Automation Cloud, the enterprise can Manage, optimize, & deploy any type; of the robot using the cloud-based Orchestrator service. Many enterprises fail to integrate RPA because of the complex installation, security, and maintenance infrastructure. But, UiPath made the RPA journey without any hindrance. Installation with an effective plug & play method orchestrates the whole RPA journey without hassle.

Let us get into the nuances of Automation Cloud package has to offer:

Completely free for the lifetime:

  • As we all know, many small-scale enterprises started using the free UiPath Automation cloud to leverage.
  • Even individuals can use the community edition for effective production.
  • 2 Attended Bots and one unattended Bot in the 2 UiPath Studio managed in the Cloud and ready for usage.

Prompt enterprise trail:

  • To gain trust within the enterprise level, the UiPath has released an enterprise trial, which comes with a 60-day trial.
  • Enterprises services that avail the guaranteed uptime. SLAs support and adaptability numerous robots and studios.
  • Numerous tenants needed to manage and help host them in different regions.

Swift improvisation:

  • Swift one-minute sign-up. Much more improvisation.
  • Since the one-minute sign-up, anyone can access the Automation cloud without the local infrastructure.

Automation management:

  • Now users are invited. To use the cloud account with the comprehensive support of email invitations through platforms like LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Google.
  • Automation management improvises the orchestrator ultimately.
  • In cloud Automation, the orchestrator helps as the inbuilt service which can oversee the automation cycle and robots simultaneously.

Dashboard view:

  • Imagine all the data and updates given in the dashboard, where the users can utilize it on the go.
  • Monitoring, automation, robot fleet, and licensing are Embellished organized manner.

Audit trail:

  • The audit trail principle as it sounds. By just logging in, all actions viewed across by the organization.
  • All the actions logged in with the automation cloud.
  • An audit trail helps provide business alerts and logs of the robot’s actions.

As it sounds, it is not complex. The UiPath Automation cloud serves as the Nex-Gen platform by considering all the above aspects.

Small broaching about Automation Cloud™ Robots

Two automation cloud robots are released:

  • VM Automation Cloud Robots
  • Serverless Automation Cloud Robots.

Introducing flexible licensing. Getting the robot units in the bundle and using that robot unit to reserve the VM cloud Robot or serverless cloud Robot runtime.

VM Automation cloud Robots

  • We can structure the capacity of robots within seconds and furnish it in minutes of any UiPath region. It can be accessed without any infrastructure experts or third-party cloud access. Choosing VM Automation cloud robots is the best option because it increases the automation without any resources needed.
  • It is not a problem now, as it has a complete SaaS option for all the server capabilities. As also includes unattended robots and small or large enterprises with SaaS-only options.

Serverless Automation Cloud Robots

  • Choosing serverless Automation cloud robots are cost-effective and run quickly on all cross-platforms. Nowadays, users are automating persona-based applications which are browser or API-based.
  • Large enterprises need quick and valid execution for multiple projects. So, the enterprise can orchestrate multiple serverless jobs. But will be charged only for execution time.

Codicil features of Next-Gen 2022.4 UI path Platform release include

It is very important for the developer to build the application fast as they can drive any enterprise forward without any hassle. So, the UiPath decides to monetize by introducing end-to-end business solutions for all the business hurdles. Here are some new features that are available in the UiPath platform 2022.4 release.

Frictionless development:

  • Fast performance
  • Dilated integration options
  • Low code tools and templates
  • Non-complex development process

Automation access:

  • API & web automation for Mac users
  • Support for UiPath assistant
  • Linux Robot for long-run
  • Automation can be performed in all cross-platform

Enhanced security & compliance:

  • Upgraded to SOC 2
  • Automation cloud HIPAA
  • UiPath cloud solution adoption.
  • Single data center

Wrapping it up

As we understand the UiPath Automation Cloud serves as the next-gen platform by taking all the exposure to the cloud. Since the developer finds it efficient to increase the mobility of software and integrate it with other software tools. We deliver a UiPath solution to automate the process and increase to the greater ROI.

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