Why Selenium for Automation Testing is in so much Demand?

Why Selenium for Automation Testing is in so much Demand?

One of the most crucial stages of the Software Development Cycle is the Testing stage where the application or design is tested for bugs and other defects with the help of specific testing tools. As the technology is moving towards automation, the traditional way of manual testing is losing its charm completely. The emergence of Automation Testing in the world of software development or mobile app development is proved a remarkable change by assuring testing efficiency and speed enhancement. Multiple automation testing tools are rotating in the global market and the Selenium testing tool is the favorite of testers and developers.

How effectively Automation Testing Frameworks are strategized? And how can you manage the Automation Testing Process?

The test automation framework strategy focuses on the automation of tasks, follows relevant processes, and tools, and is required for the following reasons:

  • To communicate plans and objectives of the Automation Testing
  • To get pre-informed about repetitive tasks, risks, functionality, capacity, etc.
  • To use as the standard for the next Automation Testing strategy
  • To use as the reference for introducing new development concepts or technology

Follow the provided guidelines to incorporate an effective Automation Testing strategy for the web, web app, and app developments:

  • Always use Agile Automation Testing tools
  • Prepare & place a plan for Automated Testing environments
  • Set goals for the highest Test quality and efficiencies
  • Work on identifying the possible risks during the testing process
  • Research for technologies, tools, and data quality
  • Define DevOps, CI/CD process, and high business cost and values
  • Focus on automating in-sprint to automate tests with developers
  • Instead of running tests in pre-release, run tests during code check-in

Automation Testing Project Management

A perfect Automation Testing framework strategy will not work too far unless you are prepared to manage the Automation Testing process. It is the ultimate requirement to avoid failure risks. Use the Microsoft Team Foundation Server for planning the automation. JIRA tool can be used to record the reported bugs in the Automated Testing process. A management dashboard can be utilized to display KPIs related to ongoing tasks, passed and failed tests, success rates, etc.

Why is Selenium a favorite Automation Testing Tool? How Selenium is prominently used?

Selenium is the most widely used Automation Testing tool by testers and developers all over the world. It is an open-source web-app framework used for writing test scripts and includes a complete set of automation tools. The Selenium test suite includes Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium Grid, and Selenium IDE. The Selenium tool supports multiple browsing platforms like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. The mobile application testing tool variant supports both Android & iOS platforms.

The discussion which matters the most is why Selenium is the favorite Automation Testing tool for the software development process. Let us find out by going through the below-mentioned advantages of the Selenium tool.

Open-Source Framework

Selenium is an open-source tool and hence, available as free to access and helps in customizing code to improve the functionality of existing, pre-defined classes and functions. This quality also helps in better code management and functionality validation.

Platforms Support

Selenium script is compatible with all the major browsers – Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc., and Android as well as iOS for mobile app testing tools. One script is enough for all browsers and need not be written again. It widely supports Operating Systems – Linux, Windows, macOS, etc.


Selenium scripts are written are in a few codes for the automation of the website. The related documentation available on the Selenium website provides detailed information to developers and testers to start and use the tool effectively.

Simple Implementation

The user-friendly interface of the framework does not require intense training to create, execute test scripts, and analyze test reports efficiently. The implementation process is quite simple to perform.

High Range of Flexibility

Selenium automation provides facilities like regrouping and refactoring of test cases which helps in the Automation Test management most efficiently via quick code changes, low complexities, low duplications, and more.

Other Tools Integrations

Selenium can be integrated with multiple tools and jars like Appium (for web app testing on Android & iOS platforms), Sikuli (web app testing for images and videos), and ExtentReports (to create graphs, reports, etc. for a better understanding of test results to clients).

Good Transparency

Selenium software testing framework supports agility and is completely transparent to all stages and persons involved in the software development – Design, Development, Testing, Management, Client, and Operations.

Quick Turnaround Time

The rich framework offers to run multiple tests on multiple browser platforms simultaneously which provides a quick turnaround time while maintaining the test quality to its maximum level.

Continuous Upgrades

The Selenium community is continuously involved in releasing the latest upgrades and updates which are easily approachable. These updates are easy to understand without the need for specific training.

Rich Language Support

Selenium scripts can be written in varied languages like Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, and more

One of the widely used automation testing tools, Selenium is prominently used for web application testing. It is utilized to manage test applications with TestNG, and JUnit technologies. Such tests can be run on the system, cloud server, remote server, and a group of servers as well. It is also prominent in managing automated test suites and functional regression automation.

How fruitfully Selenium Testing Automation can be integrated?

The different components of the Selenium test suite have different functions as mentioned below:

Selenium IDE: Used to record user activities in the browser to move it to the test script for further use.

Selenium Remote Control: A Java server is used to write the application test in multiple languages.

Selenium WebDriver: Used to communicate with browsers without the core engine.

Selenium Grid: Offers for the test execution parallel across multiple platforms altogether.

To get the best out of the Selenium Testing Automation, try to execute the following integration tips:

Clear the Vision & Scope

Before planning the strategy, make sure to confirm the revenue model, and expected customer behavior, and select the browser type.

Optimal Text Editor

Use the simple text editor known as Sublime Text at the beginning of the use of the Automation Test.

Suitable Programming Language

Acceptance Test for the application or website should be built using the preferred programming language as consulted with the development team.

Effective Acceptance Test

Try to build the Acceptance Test as descriptive, version–controlled, self-contained, and can be used with a test runner.

Focus on Scalability

Automated Testing can be well integrated when high scaling options are available including cloud execution, integrations, parallel utilization, and more.

Simple & User-Friendly

Use simple tagging, test codes with setup, and maintain the simple testing architecture by creating a new file to store tests.

Key Takeaways

Selenium Automation Testing is the first choice of developers and testers when it comes to web app and mobile app testing. The Test Automation industry is celebrating the progress of Automation tools like Selenium to offer efficient and rich quality test results with a very quick workaround.

Its open-source framework, reusability of scripts, and other advantages encourage new business aspirers or developers/testers to look around for the best testing services in the market. The search is over with the reputed G2TechSoft Company, which offers multiple IT services and excelled in delivering smart assistance in Testing Automation services. Drop your queries in the email and get an instant response!

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