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An open-source UI development kit. Finally, launched by google in Flutter Engage Event. Flutter 2.0 lends a hand for both cross-platform applications using an identical codebase. Without any hassle, using this kit. We can be able to relinquish native applications. With a corresponding codebase to develop a top 5 Operating system (OS). That is:


  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Linux
  • macOS

It is inherent to give web experience targeting various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and edge. The update of Flutter 2.0 introduces many new features and updates. Let us have a peek at how it targets developers across all platforms.

Let’s find out what’s new?

Web support


You’ll be excited about the Flutter support for the web. By extending its support to the web platform, the demand for the reusability of code. Hits another level It has moved its approach of framework from document-centric to app-centric. So, it simplified the job for the developer to build an app using web support.


With the robustness of the web platform, with 2.0 Flutter makes the base for developers to build an interactive web application. That also amplifies the APIs for Building interactive and flexible 2D and 3 D graphics.


Flutter 2.0 has a more alluring HTML renderer that includes Canva-Kit-based renderer. The link widget helps to enable the browser to give the feel like a web app.


Support sound Null Safety


It helps the developer in a big way to distinguish whether it is nullable or non-nullable types. With this in the hands of developers can deliberately prevent null error during the period of development.


Flutter googles mobile Ads.


There is a new version that flutters have to transpire with the Google Ads SDK beta version. An existing overlay format helps the developer by including native ads and inline banners. By using Ad mob and Ad manager. The developers can customize advertisements very easily.


Desktop Support


For all flutter apps, the developers can Easily launch with the desktop support of Google’s Flutter. Many supported platforms have many features like selection points, which helps in the editing of text.


Platform adaptive apps support


We all know the flutter supports different operating systems. The question that arises is how to write an application. A Different screen Which is small, medium, and large. That can adapt itself? The screen is not only the different set phrases and input modes.


Emerging flutter ecosystem support


As we all know, the mobile Ads launched by google declare the beta version. Many key features and updates of flutter plugin services like cloud messaging, cloud fire-store, authentication, cloud function, crash lytics, and cloud storage.


Flutter DevTolls support


With the new feature that can use as an android studio, notice when there’s a common exception and offer to bring it up in DevTools to deal by debugging it.


  • CPU profiler flame charts grid added.
  • Filtering and Search consider in the logging tab.
  • Average FPS data included in flutter frames with usability improvements.
  • Memory view charts are faster and uncomplicated.


Last, we can expect more amazing updates from flutter in the future. And I hope the above information has given you a surface-level idea of what’s Flutter 2.0? Want to know more about Flutter 2.0? or looking for mobile app development? Leap G2 technology, which is considered one of the leading flutter app development companies. By giving solutions through verified strategies and assist your Flutter App to get notice and download by many users.


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