Enacting Devops for a Prominent Retail Company

Enacting Devops for a Prominent Retail Company


The client has successful multi-business retail & fashion enterprises Administrated in the US, California.


The customer’s objective is to solve the infrastructure management issue with a unique solution G2 TechSoft analyzed and designated the DevOps expertise for their IT Infrastructure management. The process includes delivering significant new updates, features, and software by enriching the system administration and software development with the effort of DevOps specialists.

Business Challenge

The challenge faced by G2 TechSoft is to reinitiate the IT infrastructure consisting of 50 servers with an integrated system. Indeed, the client brand reaches rapidly. For the satisfaction of their clientele, they needed new features, updates, and software. So, IT infrastructure management is implemented to make sure; web services are highly available.


Retail industry

Solution Delivered

The client’s infrastructure management issues are analyzed. So, the G2 TechSoft designated DevOps expertise to fix the system administration and develop the software and its features.

G2 TechSoft set and managed tools for load balancing. Infrastructure monitoring and log management are effectively implemented.

To manage the client fashion and retail eCommerce website, G2 TechSoft DevOps specialist has implemented the (CI/CD) pipeline, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

Incorporated unique tools by delivering the proper load balancing and HTTP caching.

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