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Looking to leverage the power of cloud solutions to build a truly digital enterprise? At G2TechSoft, we give you the power to optimize your customer experience by providing fast, secure, and reliable access to applications and data.

Cloud-based Solutions: Why They Matter

We offer cloud-native application development using mobile-first design methods and integrating server-side programming with rich database functionality. Our solutions can be deployed in public, private, or hybrid environments. We have strong technical knowledge in the cloud software development field and offer top-tier cloud development solutions. So, this helps increase the chances of your business acceleration.

G2 TechSoft is a recognized Top Cloud Application Development Services Company. Hire us to amplify your business Agility.

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Expertise in Cloud Computing Services

Cloud services are web-based services that leverage scalable, reliable, and virtual resources that enable you to choose the level of control over your data and services. This allows you to focus your efforts on developing unique cloud applications instead of having to maintain, procure, and plan your operations.

IaaS cloud computing services

Infrastructure as a Service, also called IaaS, is the first and most comprehensive cloud computing service offering for your business. You can use IaaS to configure, install, and manage any software needed, including middleware, operating systems, applications, development tools, and business analytics.

PaaS cloud computing services

Platform as a service is a cloud computing model that provides equipment to firms or individuals who run web applications and software via the internet. PaaS enables users to obtain any development tools whenever they need them without having to buy them directly.

SaaS cloud computing services

Software as a Service is a comprehensive software solution that unfolds through cloud technology. It’s a web-based program any range of organizations can afford in the early years without paying a massive amount. SaaS is handy since the subscription fee model lets you pay the program off gradually over time.

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Cloud App Development Services

Custom-cloud app development services

We develop smart cloud mobile apps which are designed to connect you to the latest technologies and enhance your business.

Cloud-native application development

At G2TechSoft. You get expert cloud-native app development services. That runs dynamically at an orchestrated platform with salient performance.

Cloud consulting services

We customize cloud consulting services to fit your needs and business goals. And we focus on creating effective, real-world cloud solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Cloud migration services

We’re experts in cloud computing. We have highly trained resources in cloud migration and integration, and we would ensure the successful completion of your formulation before beginning any migration itself.

Hybrid and multi-cloud app development services

Develop a cloud-enabled application that can run smoothly and dynamically in all cloud environments, such as public, private and hybrid.

Cloud integration services

Integration can be a tricky process. Our experienced cloud developers are ready to help you reduce your IT and technology expenses by taking on integration and migration tasks.

Cloud ERP development solutions

Develop cloud-based ERP development solutions powered with AI, predictive analytics, and all kinds of the latest technology.

Cloud data management services

Our cloud data management strategy takes a holistic view of collecting and storing data at scale while taking a 360-degree view of the cloud-security view.

Cloud support and maintenance services

We have a dedicated team to offer 24*7 cloud support and maintenance services with speedy adequate support to prevent unwanted downtime and disruptions.

Cloud security services

A cloud environment can be riskier than a traditional IT environment as security issues can emerge at any time. At G2TechSoft, we develop a holistic cloud security strategy for your organization to ensure your safety.

Intelligent & smart solutions for you!

  1. IoT cloud solutions
  2. AI-powered cloud solutions
  3. Big data solutions

Build your application or computing solutions with our Modern Cloud App Development services.

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Why G2 TechSoft as your Cloud App Development Company

16+ years of experience with focus in software development industry

Wide and latest technology adoption

500+ projects delivered with customer satisfaction

24*7 maintenance and support system

Ontime project delivery

Certified and recognized software development firm

Get accessible AI smart solutions

Dedicated team and developer for your project

Transparency in communication and reports

Save your investment penny up to 40%

Proven security for client with ISO 27001

320+ Experience software development teams and developers

Guaranteed security and quality

Shorter time to market.

Benefits Of Implementing Cloud Native Applications In Your Business

Increased scalability

Cost reduction

Faster in performance

Easy data recovery

Easy disaster management

Increase flexibility

Increased collaboration

Backup and Quality control

Advanced cloud platform for seamless flow

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Cloud-native development means developers can build and update apps quickly while improving quality and reducing risk. Specifically, It is a way to build responsive, scalable, and fault-tolerant apps anywhere in public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Cloud-native provides a flexible and reusable app development process that allows the corporate teams to model their business needs. It also empowers them to automatically provision resources and scale up or down based on business demand. It is also resilient, ensuring that the app remains functional even if some components break.

Though it is difficult to quantify as it depends on various factors, outsourcing to G2TechSoft may help you save up to 30-40 percent.

Businesses today have millions of options for cloud computing. Everyone claims to be the best, but the market is vast, and selecting a cloud provider is not easy. To find the right one for you, gather your requirements and weigh the options in a well-defined process. Some critical factors are they should have a proven track record, good quality, Manpower, transparent SLA, and good tech support.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) prevent trade secrets and other confidential information from being revealed to the public. As we value your trust, trustworthy and ethical organizations, we will always abide by an NDA.

In the present, Cloud-based world Malware and cyber-attacks can wreak havoc on cloud-native application security. We employ a wide range of techniques, strategies, protocols, and actions that aim to reduce the risk posed by the common vulnerabilities and secure modern businesses.

With us, you'll experience maximum security for your data ensuring that we are crystal clear about the information we are collecting, what purpose is used for, and where it is stored.