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Legacy Application Migration Services

G2TechSoft provides legacy software modernization services that streamline your business technology and drive increased agility. We do this by consolidating, re-architecting, migrating, replacing, and automating your IT systems. We have extensive experience in migrating legacy applications to the cloud, data migration, code restructuring, adoption of Agile/DevOps principles, enterprise application integration (EAI), and UI modernization with more than 25+ years of experience in IT outsourcing, we offer global expertise at an affordable pricing.

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Being a top legacy application migration company, our experts design and deliver a tailor-made modernization strategy for any enterprise. We lower operating costs by modernizing any outdated system, thereby helping companies to create agility, improve innovation, and reduce the risks involved with legacy applications. Our streamlined solution elevates business performance and enables growth.

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Benefits of legacy application modernization or product migration

Cost Saving

Maintaining legacy applications can be expensive because of outdated technology. Modernizing applications can result in 30-50% lower maintenance costs.

Engaging Experience

Having old applications can be painful if you want to provide a premium customer experience. Modernizing your existing apps enables you to take advantage of the public cloud environment to offer a seamless customer experience.

Enhanced Productivity

Compared to legacy apps, modern systems are more compatible with modern hardware and software, facilitating a better communication experience and enhancing productivity.

Improved Security

Legacy applications are vulnerable to multiple cybersecurity flaws. Modern applications architecture is more suitable to manage unknown threats.

More Revenue

Modern apps make more ROI! They allow businesses to improve customer experience by offering new features, services, and functions that lead to revenue streams.

Build Cloud-Native Apps

Modernizing your enterprise applications makes your organization more agile. And better manages data across multiple cloud vendors.

Our Legacy Application Migration Services

Web App Migration Services

We offer API re-architecture & re-engineering, application migration, and modernization, including hybrid app integration services done by experienced product migration experts.

Cloud Migration Services

We use cloud management and migration tool to automate the transition. Along, with a transformation management plan to ensure that the migration happens on time.

Data Migration Services

We help migrate varieties of data types and business logic schemas, following best practices and using robust version control protocols without impacting their business continuity plan.

UI/UX Modernization to Migration Services

We deliver best-in-class services to help build irresistible products which will increase sales and promotes business growth.

Product Migration Services

At G2TechSoft, you get a proven product migration strategy to support entire use cases and resolve pain points.

OS & Server Migration

Migrating out-of-the on-site to the cloud can cut many unnecessary expenses, efforts, and risk factors. We can help you achieve the goal smoothly by tackling various technological needs with our cloud modernization services.

Application Re-engineering Services

G2TechSoft can be the ideal partner to help you manage re-engineering the risks. While you focus on your pivot business and other initiatives.

End-to-End Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is key to business survival and growth. We can provide end-to-end digital transformation solutions and IT legacy modernization to build a more agile and dynamic digital infrastructure.

Start your product migration with our 6R process


Some elements of your environment may not migrate to the cloud so, they are retained as it is. Some organizations choose to maintain some IT aspects on-premises in a hybrid cloud environment.


Rehosting is a popular migration strategy in which physical and virtual servers are migrated to an IaaS solution. This method was used when little effort was needed to move. It is less costly than re-architecture and more flexible for trivial changes to server infrastructure.


Refactoring and re-architecting can help improve application agility, business continuity, productivity, and collaboration. However, this strategy tends to be the most expensive, typically executed after an initial migration via another approach like rehosting.


Replatforming to the cloud can create cloud-native characteristics in an application, such as horizontal scaling and portability. Replatforming often involves replacing any database backends with a corresponding PaaS database solution provided by the hosting provider.


By identifying all the elements in your business environment that have the potential to migrate, you can evaluate their value. We can help identify all the users of each migration element and determine whether it is useful or should be phased out.


In this phase, you can start using a hosted version of the software. That is cloud-based instead of traditional on-premises.

Why G2 TechSoft as your product migration Partner

ISO/ IEC 27001:2013

We are certified under ISO 27001:2013, which means that your data is safe with us.

Certified And Recognized Product Migration Partner

G2TechSoft is certified and awarded Product Migration Partner.

Robust Product Migration Expertise

G2TechSoft is a global team of product engineers. They have expertise in helping enterprise clients with data-migration services.

16+ Years of Experience

We have 16+ years of experience in web migration, software product migration, legacy application migration, and other types of software migration services with a cumulative experience of 16+ years of experience.

500+ Projects Delivered Successfully So far

We've been delivering application migration solutions to help businesses of all sizes for more than two decades. We also delivered. More than 500+ solutions to help support your business operations that provide a competitive advantage.

Affordable Cost

Backed by expert and highly experienced legacy application migration, data migration experts can complete a project quickly, resulting in total savings of up to 40%.

30+ Platforms for Migration Services

We have the capability and proven expertise to handle all types of OS and database migration, web migration, cloud migration, and various cloud application modernization services.

24*7 Maintenance and Support System

Our customer service representatives are available to handle issues that may arise after the project's completion.

Timely Delivery

We deliver our projects with high professionalism, on time, and within budget. Our customers get the code they desire on schedule. And with all specifications implemented. All of this is efficiently done by our dedicated team. That is considered one of the best in the software development industry.

320+ Experienced Migration Experts and Developers

We are a team of software engineers who have a passion for creating great software. We specialize in custom application development, offshore application migration services and are eager to work with you on your next project.

Utilizing DevOps Methodology

Our professional team can provide you with top-tier tech solutions using our CI/CD infrastructure. As your company grows, we can quickly scale to meet your needs.

AI Smart Solutions

We have expertise in developing AI-powered product development to meet the needs of new-age digital transformation.

Transparency In Communication and Reports

We regularly provide timely updates and reports with complete transparency so that you have absolute confidence.

Guaranteed Quality and Security

At G2TechSoft, offering guaranteed quality and delivery powered by robust security to deliver world-class delivery in application migration and modernization.

Dedicated Product Migration Experts

We depute dedicated product migration experts with solid experience and skillset to help get the job done smoothly. Get connected with best technology migration services now.


To hire the best application modernization company in India, look for a company that has been in business that has a credible track record of project delivery.

Yes, we do sign NDAs for projects. We are committed to meeting the clients' operational requirements. If the client requires us to sign an NDA, we will be happy to take that step.

We provide expertise in application migration & modernization services for all kinds of web and mobile apps. We ensure your application keeps up with the latest trends in technology and design.