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While we are stuck with the product idea and hanging to select which technology or framework to choose as the start-ups, they all comprise the tech stack. By understands, this will rule the web development industry recently.


To help you understand the most popular technologies and frameworks for business. by ensuring a fast and efficient tech stack. And giving the users with wonderful web experience.


By combining four technologies, MERN stands for MongoDBExpressReact, and Node. These are all considered as most popular among developers. As it also provides an end-to-end framework that makes the development process faster and easier.



  • Document-Oriented Storage – Data stored in the form of JSON-style documents.
  • Index on any attribute
  • Replication and high availability
  • Auto-sharding
  • Rich queries
  • Fast in-place updates

Express JS

  • Server-side framework
  • Express JS written in JavaScript
  • Express JS comes with two templating engines. Jade and Ejs
  • Express JS supports the Model-View-Controller architecture
  • Express JS runs on Node.js Platform
  • It’s a cross-platform

React JS

  • Single Page Application.
  • Entire page remains the same. But only a few components change.
  • Code is easy to scale and maintain.
  • More functionalities as HTML that created from JS
  • Isomorphic Rendering (Server-side rendering)
  • Blazing speed

Node JS

  • Scalability
  • Real-Time Web Apps
  • Easy On Coding
  • Dynamic NPM


The developers choose MERN STACK because of various features that make the whole process easy.  That compromise by four frameworks. Which also makes the process easy for the developers. The Main Features are all about it. So, this provides front-end and back-end development with a common language called JavaScript and has better features with built-in tools for testing. With a 3-tire architectural pattern, we can reuse the code anytime.


3-tire architectural platforms are:


React.JS- front-end tire

Express and Node.JS- Application tire

Mongo DB- Database tire


JSX react allows implementing many new ideas while it is in the development process. The developers understand MERN Stack that is useful for making small applications. Large applications also can be adopted smartly and efficiently. MERN stack can be used in code for Android as well IOS applications in the project.

Advantages of using MERN STACK



As we all know MERN stack uses four different frameworks. While you hire it from G2, you don’t need to Hire Different specialists for Different technologies. Only the use of one language (JavaScript) saves a lot of time that helps control the costs for an enterprise.




With the facility of a 3-tier architectural pattern, it provides support to front and back-end development.


The pool of talent availability


There are many talents available as the demand for the MERN increase. It is becoming popular among the youths, so there will be many skilled developers for the companies.




Without any problem, the developers can use the MERN stack because it is open-source. And avoid the Problem because of the licensing.


Low learning curve


It is not complicated. And it is easy to learn the MERN because it consists of one language that is JavaScript. Many articles and tutorials are available, and many experts are already familiar with them. So, it is easy to learn.


MVC Architecture support


MERN supports Model View Controller architecture. That makes it very easy for the developers to develop the workflow seamlessly.


Testing tools


Comparing other MERN has its testing tools suite. It is not complicated for the new developers to test which provides within the framework.


At the end of this article, we understand the benefits of the MERN stack. It is popular among many top brands that use the MERN stack as the development process of applications. To develop a scalable master web application, e-commerce application development, CMS Development, custom web applications, G2 Techsoft is a one-stop solution with unique features.


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