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In this fast-changing and rapid evolution of the modern technological world, legacy infrastructure needs a push to modernization for an efficient service. So, the IT sectors from all over the world have started re-architecting their legacy applications using the latest on technology advancement which is a cloud-based service such as Microsoft Azure.


The organizations are focusing on filling the gap on service offerings thereby meeting the customer expectations. That’s where the digital transformation helps the organization by re-architecting legacy products. There are some questions that you might be seeking to understand why you should move your legacy app to the cloud?  Let’s get to the blog to know more.

Exploit the benefits of Azure cloud service

The Azure cloud is capable of offering SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. With the arsenal of different technologies, tools, and programming languages in these platforms, It helps to provide multiple integration cloud services that provides support and structure to all the enterprise needs.


With G2 as a development partner, they help to build all the APPS over a single instance. It is incomplete without the integration of other cloud systems.


Some of the benefits about Azure software development are as follows:


  • Full-bodied Security
  • Scalability & flexibility
  • Hybrid capabilities
  • Incorporation with other Microsoft technologies
  • Versatile framework

Transforming Legacy application to the cloud

In this modern technological world, every organization needs to modernize their product or service and move them to the cloud. An organization needs to know if the transition of legacy applications to the cloud platform will be a Major benefit to enterprises.


Generally, app modernization comprises of four steps. An organization can easily find where it stands on its transition. Let us look in to these four stages.

Existing apps on-premises:

With a set of existing applications within the premises, this is the first stage to start the App modernization.

Lift and shift:

By deploying the Apps to VMs in the cloud in the second stage, you get your app or service into the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud optimized apps:

In this stage we carry out the containerization process by modernizing the apps with new-age technologies like Azure container service.

App modernized:

The final stage is where your organization is capable of serverless functions. The organization is now ready with entirely modernized apps in hand.

Deep-rooted challenges during app modernization

Enhance by hiring without any skill gap:

In this modern world, the skills, the ability to design, build and maintain legacy technologies is  of utmost importance. The talents need to be up-to-date to modernize the apps with the current trends. So, the important thing is that the organization needs to eliminate the skill gap to enhance by working with an expert IT development company. Enhance by hiring G2 as your expertise.

Digital enterprise needs a Digital leap:

Let us consider an organization that is seeking to migrate from a Legacy system to an advanced technology where the entire business needs to turn digital. This involves a lot of serious problems that demand Smart tools, IT modernization, and well-designed projects. G2 helps with a strategical solution to strike out these serious problems.

Improvement by the balancing act:

While modernizing the legacy apps, the stability, improvement, and balancing the performance are very challenging. While looking into this, G2 helps the enterprise with app modernization done right with an apt tool without compromising the stability of the project thereby attaining faster time-to-market.

The investments and cost constrain:

While modernizing the application in your enterprise requires plenty of investments like maintenance, technology platforms, scaling systems, etc we need to make sure that the  modernization is through the right platform. Hence, the budget and the cost needs to be allocated accordingly.

The right data platform:

Choosing the right data platform is Important. While modernizing from the data platform to access the relevant data, often the organization fails to choose the Right data. So, by unlocking the big data, which includes retrieval, storage, and analysis is to be considered for an organization.

Advantages of modernizing application using Azure container

  • Helps the enterprises with faster app modernization and DevOps agility
  • Helps in scaling system, enhanced density, and lower deployment cost
  • With the right tool help the enterprise can improve time-to-market and reduction in IT, Admin
  • Helps with better security protocols, stability, and improved productivity

Need help? Start your journey with app modernization!

From understanding the current situation and the fact that all the organizations are working from home, every organization is concerned about the need for transition from legacy apps to modern technology. You cannot just pick a tool or technology. There are hundreds of and tools and technology to modernize your app. Our certified experts from G2 help you to stabilize your service or product by understanding the current situation.


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