Foolproof Cloud Optimization Checklist For Your E-commerce Business

    Optimize your cloud investments with this detailed checklist for every E-com cloud consumer. Cloud Features Cloud packages come with additional features and it is in your hands to make the best out of these features. Choose managed database services to improve your App performance, reduce the time of your IT staff and the cost of

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    How We Grew Our E-Com Client’s Online Sales By 30% In 60 Days

    E-Com businesses these days face the need to line up a humungous array of products that are ironically short-lived across multiple channels. They need to be constantly updated to ensure quick deployment in the market for the end customers to enable them to make data-driven buying decisions. This Omni-connected world makes it easy for customers

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    Artificial Intelligence Reignites Healthcare Engine

    Artificial Intelligence Reignites Healthcare Engine Modernized Healthcare finds a new dimension of growth with the launch of AI-based applications that allow machines to perform tasks like sensing, understanding, acting, and learning. Thus AI-enhanced machines are empowered to carry out administrative and clinical healthcare functions accurately. Legacy tools and technologies contain nothing but just algorithms or

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    DevOps Predictions for 2018 & Beyond

    The Telecoms and Computing Market Report says that the DevOps Market would attain a market size of $8,763.8 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 18% during 2017 -2023. DevOps drives better automation and with the adoption of DevOps model, development, operations, quality assurance and security teams get an opportunity to work hand-in-hand to build

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    Top DevOps Trends for 2018

    DevOps gets a new outlook this 2018. It would be more appropriate to say that this year is all set to see an evolved, amplified version of DevOps. DevOps CALMS down Organizations However DevOps was defined until now, it is all set for a makeover this year. DevOps adoption is all about successful integration of

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    Are you a Mobile App development firm? Wondering what could be the next big move in the app industry this year?

    Top 3 Mobile App Trends in 2018 2018 is destined to be yet another exciting year with unending possibilities for the App development industry. Smart Phone Apps are being launched in various avatars based on the expectations of the average digital consumer. It would rather be more appropriate to say that digital disruption reinvents consumer

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    Are you struck by the Ransomware-Phobia? No worries. Learn how you can safeguard your business with G2 Tech Soft

    Hacks always are part of the top stories in the cyber news. We do keep receiving queries from our clients asking for the ways to protect their business and their clients from evolving ransomware attacks. We share some of the best ways to secure your business in this infographic. The notorious ransomware attacks over the

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    Want to make your digital process management secure, transparent, and efficient?

    Decoding Block-chain Framework for HCM Systems Innovation is all about problem-solving. Whether it is to design a feature, create a product, or to build a company, your technology must be able to solve real-life problems that your customers face. With that being said, no one can be unaware of the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and

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